Visitor ContractSingle Folding Bed

Suitable for Contract

Product Information

Meeting the legal requirements for contract use, the JAY-BE® Visitor Folding Bed is a practical and reliable solution for Guest Houses, Hotels and other contract environments. The robust steel frame is finished in a high-quality epoxy paint for a long lasting new look and the J-Tex™ sprung base system offers exceptional support, durability, and comfort. The headboard means your guests won’t lose their pillows in the night and 360° castors make it easy to manoeuvre. The Visitor’s legs unfold automatically so it is also easy to open and close in seconds.

The Visitor’s J-Tex™ sprung base is made from PVC coated woven polyester, a specially engineered technical fabric designed to be stretch resistant and offer long term durability. Suspended using high-tension springs, the JAY-BE® J-Tex™ sprung base system is extremely strong and independently tested and proven to perform as well as regular permanent beds. Unlike foam, the unique open cell structure of the Airflow Fibre fillings enable the mattress to breathe, ensuring that it stays fresh when in storage. This JAY-BE® folding bed achieves higher British, European and North American safety standards than regular domestic beds and comes with a free frame guarantee.