Last updated November 2018

Jay-Be® is one of the UK's most distributed bed brands and as an ethically minded manufacturer we recognise and understand the necessity of working together to protect and improve the environment in which we live.

As such, it is our Company's policy to reduce and minimise the environmental impact of our activities wherever we conduct our business. This long-standing commitment has recently led to the introduction of our One World Together™ philosophy.

Our contribution to this ideal is to consider the products that we make and how they impact the World we live in. As well as complying with all legal and regulatory standards, we seek to go beyond what is required. We continually take steps towards a more sustainable future by setting our own objectives and targets to reduce energy and water consumption, while minimising waste through how we conduct our day to day business activities.

Raw materials are the backbone of any product and often have the largest impact on the environment. To ensure maximum sustainability we consider the full lifecycle of a product at the design and development stage through our 5-Step Product Impact Review.

  1. How the raw materials are harvested
  2. How the raw materials are delivered to the factory
  3. How the materials are processed and made into products
  4. How the product is delivered to the consumer
  5. How the product impacts on the environment at the end of its useful life

As a large user of materials, we buy locally wherever possible, only source ethically and endeavour to only use materials that can be recycled at the end of their product life.

Our steel tube and mattress fillings are made largely from already recycled material which can be recycled again, hugely reducing their environmental impact. As a large user of wood components, we are extremely proud to be a fully FSC® compliant company. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to protecting and maintaining responsible management of the world’s forests. This in turn protects the wildlife and the people who call these forests their home. By adhering to the very strict rules required to maintain our FSC® certification, we ensure that all wood used in our products is harvested from 100% traceable and approved sustainable and ethical sources.

This Policy will be reviewed periodically to reflect changes in legislative requirements, industrial standards, environmental concerns, and the Company's commitment to continual improvement. The Company's Managing Director has the ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the Policy, and Departmental Directors and Managers are responsible to him for achieving that Policy.