Washable Mattress Protector

Made to measure, Jay-Be® washable zip-on mattress protectors are a perfect fit for your Jay-Be® Folding Bed mattress. As well as guarding your mattress against liquids, potential stain damage, dust mites and allergens, the cover is also extra soft so it doubles up as a comfortable fitted sheet to sleep on.

Designed with absolute practicality in mind, Jay-Be® mattress protectors are also fully machine washable and cover the whole mattress; and unlike other waterproof covers, the high tech membrane is silent and flexible for ultimate protection without that unpleasant plastic feel. The cover’s micro-pores also allow air to flow freely for a fresher and healthier sleeping environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our storage covers and mattress protectors are all manufactured at our UK premises in West Yorkshire.

Yes. Both our mattress protectors and our bedding sets are machine washable at 40°C.

Jay-Be mattress protectors are laminated with an intelligent waterproof membrane which has tiny micro-pores to allow air to flow through but are too small for moisture to get through.

The Jay-Be mattress protector is laminated with an intelligent waterproof membrane which also performs as a barrier that dust mites and allergens cannot physically pass through.

No, Jay-Be mattress protectors are made with an extra soft and flexible waterproof membrane which does not make any noise or feel plasticky.

No, Jay-Be mattress protectors are fully machine washable and made with a soft knitted outer fabric, so they are soft enough to sleep on while offering protection to your mattress.

Yes, Jay-Be mattress protector’s cover the entire mattress to ensure it is fully protected on all sides.