S5 with Micro e-Pocket™ Springs

The Jay-Be Benchmark S5 mattress offers adaptive support through its deep e-Spring core topped with Micro e-Pocket springs which adapt to your body's gentlest movement throughout the night.

These springs are cushioned with supportive layers of Rebound e-Fibre and super soft Advance e-Fibre for improved moisture and temperature regulation.

Micro e-Pocket™

Micro Pocket Springs

One of the most advanced pocket spring technologies available today; sonic welded fabric pockets remove the need for glue, so they are easier to recycle at end of life.

More comfort benefits

Enhanced Breathability
Enhanced Breathability.
Improved tempurature regulation
Improved tempurature regulation.
100% Foam Free
100% Foam Free, free from harmful VOC emisions.
Hypoallergenic materials
Hypoallergenic materials.
Cross section
  1. 1Knitted fabric for a soft to touch sleep surface.
  2. 2Advance e-Fibre for extra fine luxury comfort.
  3. 3Rebound e-Fibre for contour support.
  4. 4Micro e-Pocket springs for adaptable support.
  5. 5High density eco insulator.
  6. 6Deep e-Spring core for evenly distributed support.
  7. 7High density e-Fibre base layer.
  8. 8Handles for ease of movement.
  9. 9Padded border for increased durability.





Dimensions & Specifications


  • Mattress Sizes
  • Single: W90 x L190 x D20cm
  • Small double: W120 x L190 x D20cm
  • Double: W135 x L190 x D20cm
  • Kingsize: W150 x L200 x D20cm
  • Mattress Packed Sizes
  • Single: W32 x L32 x H100cm
  • Small double: W32 x L32 x H129cm
  • Double: W32 x L32 x H144.2cm
  • Kingsize: W32 x L32 x H159.5cm
  • Mattress Packed Weights
  • Single: 19.8kg / 43.6lbs
  • Small double: 25.3kg / 55.7lbs
  • Double: 28.9kg / 63.7lbs
  • Kingsize: 30.7kg / 67.6lbs

Detailed Specifications

  • Mattress Specifications
  • Interior: e-Fibre™
  • Ticking: Woven Polyprop
  • Border: Woven Damask
  • Spring Specifications
  • Open Coil
  • Guage: 13.5 guage 2.1mm
  • Count: 325 Eq 5ft
  • Our Benchmarks.

    • Value


      To be completely transparent about the specifications of our mattresses so you can be confident that you are getting exceptional value for money.

    • Comfort


      To design and manufacture comfortable mattresses using sleep smart materials which offer proven benefits.

    • Sustainability


      To use eco-friendly sustainable materials and processes to lower the carbon footprint of each new mattress developed.

    • Innovation


      To exceed your needs by investing in the latest material and production technologies, to stay at the forefront of great value comfort and sustainability.

    Feel good, sleep well

    Your Benchmark S5 has been designed with sustainability in mind. Every single component has been thoughtfully considered for its environmental impact.

    • e-Fibre


      By replacing foam with e-Fibre comfort layers we have prevented over 100 million plastic bottles* from going into landfill or our oceans. By choosing the Benchmark S5 you have diverted even more!

    • Fabrics


      The mattress fabrics have been carefully chosen to be durable and comfortable while helping to simplify the end of life recycling process.

    • Deep e-Spring Core

      Deep e-Spring Core

      A greener durable spring system that requires less energy, less water and no nasty chemicals to manufacture.

    • Helping to protect wildlife

      Helping protect wildlife

      Reducing waste, land use, water use and CO2 emissions helps to preserve natural habitats and maintain biodiversity.

    • Deep e-Spring Core

      Vacuum Packed and Rolled

      Vacuum packed, rolled, and sealed at the point of production to keep your mattress as fresh as the day it was made and to reduce packed size by 70%.

    • Helping to protect wildlife

      Micro e-Pocket™ Springs**

      Advanced pocket spring technology. Sonic welded fabric pockets remove the need for glue, so they are easier to recycle at end of life.

    *Featuring polyester created from 100% recyclable plastic bottles. Weight of plastic described in equivalent number of average sized plastic drinking bottles.

    **Featured in the S5 and S7 models only.

    Featuring Award Winning Advance e-Fibre™

    This award-winning material is our most advanced e-Fibre, proven to offer significant environmental benefits including:

    90% Less CO2 Emissions
    90% Less CO2 Emissions.*
    99% Less Water Used
    99% Less Water Used.*
    99% Reduced Land Space
    99% Reduced Land Space.*

    *Statistics are based on the life cycle analysis of Advance e-Fibre when compared to cotton. Results verified by an independent body.

    100% Foam Free Mattress Zero to landfill Helping to protect wildlife Rolled mattresses to help reduce CO2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please find below our most popular questions relating to this product. To view our full list of FAQ's and to be able to post your own question you can always check out our dedicated FAQ page. If this doesn't answer your question, you can alternatively contact the Jay-Be® Customer Care team who will be more than happy to help you.

    If you purchased your product from this website your guarantee will have been registered and emailed to your automatically. If you want to download a copy you can do so by logging into your account or by creating an account.

    If you purchased your product from one of our retailers then you can register your guarantee by logging into your account or by creating an account and then going into the guarantee section. Please note we only ask for the details needed to register your guarantee. 

    Comfort is subjective, so it is for each individual to decide. However, it is widely regarded that having more pocket springs enables the mattress to react to the subtle contours of your body, thereby delivering a more personal and comfortable sleeping environment.

    This is a good question and is often confusing for the consumer. The spring count is essentially the number of springs within the mattress. However, because the same mattress is often available in different sizes, the industry has generally taken to quoting one spring count based on the 5ft/150cm mattress width. This is because they are referring to the density of springs and it is important that consumers compare like for like. For instance, a 90cm wide mattress with circa 575 springs will have approximately the same density of springs as a 150cm wide mattress with 1000 springs. Therefore, they will provide the same feel. To be completely transparent, we try to quote both numbers wherever possible (e.g. We say our Supreme Single Pocket Sprung Folding Bed has 400 springs which is the equivalent of 1000 springs in a 5ft size mattress).

    Materials which are hypoallergenic contain relatively few or no potentially irritating substances, and thereby less likely to contribute to allergic reactions than other materials. People with a hypersensitive immune system or sensitive skin may find these materials contribute to a more comfortable sleep environment.

    In several places. At the top of every product page at the right hand side you can find the product particulars. Here you can find basic dimensions. Each product also has a product image gallery. On the final slide of each gallery you will find a detailed dimension sketch. Further down each product detail page in the Dimensions and Specification section you can find a detailed breakdown of all dimensions and product weights. Finally in the Dimensions and Specification section you can download a Specification Sheet (PDF) that again provides detailed dimensions.

    A vacuum packed, rolled mattress is the latest innovation in mattress packing and distribution. Traditionally, a mattress would be packed into a loose plastic bag after it is made – this method didn’t offer much protection. By embracing the latest mattress packing technology, Jay-Be mattresses are vacuum packed first to ensure they stay fresh until the day you open them, but they’re also rolled so they take up less space to deliver. This reduces transport costs by approximately 70% so savings can be passed onto you, but also makes it easier for you to take the mattress up your stairs and into your bedroom.

    Jay-Be has embraced the latest vacuum packing technology to offer even higher quality, more convenience and better value, whilst reducing our carbon foot print. A typical traditional mattress is simply put into a large bag at the factory after it is made. It’s then delivered to your home. These large mattresses take up a lot of space on the delivery wagons, costing a huge amount to transport but also reducing efficiency. These high delivery costs are passed on to you. However, because Jay-Be vacuum pack and roll all our mattresses, we ensure they remain fresh until they are opened but rolling them also reduces the amount of space they require for delivery - This reduces delivery costs, so you get more for your money! This modern packing method also helps to reduce carbon emissions by ensuring less lorries are needed on the roads to deliver our mattresses. A typical Jay-Be rolled mattress helps to cut down transport emissions by reducing the space required for delivery by more than 70% (comparing an unrolled 3ft mattress with a rolled 3ft mattress).

    Absolutely. In fact, because a Jay-Be mattress is vacuum packed, it remains fresh until the day it is unwrapped by you. The comfort layers and springs in our mattress are all excellent quality and once the mattress has been unrolled, you will love watching your mattress expand to its full size. A free 5-year manufacturer guarantee comes with every Jay-Be mattress for your further comfort.

    No, Jay-Be mattresses are rolled using very advance vacuum packing and mattress-rolling technology. Once opened, your mattress will be just like a regular mattress and it is not possible for them to be re-rolled – unless you're a super hero of course!

    The plastic we use to vacuum pack our rolled mattresses is a hard flexible plastic which can be recycled. Please check at your local Authority and look for one of the following recycling options including Bread bags, Frozen food bags, Squeezable bottles i.e. hand cream tubes, Bubble wrap – if specifically mentioned. You can learn more about how to recycle here.

    Yes, all Jay-Be Benchmark mattresses are manufactured at our UK premises in West Yorkshire.

    Yes. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and as a result we offer a 5 year guarantee on all of our Benchmark mattresses.