Natural All Seasons Nettle Hybrid 2000 e‑Pocket™ Mattress

Feel fresh all night, naturally.

Experience all-night freshness with the Jay-Be Natural Fresh Nettle mattress. Beneath its Nettle-enhanced Better Cotton surface, you'll find a super-soft comfort layer of blended plant-based fibres enriched with Nettle.


Ambient natural comfort, year-round.

Introducing the Jay-Be Natural All Seasons Nettle Hybrid mattress - for all-year-round comfort. Featuring award-winning* ingredients, this mattress has been created to naturally adapt to changing climates and your body’s temperature, helping to keep you warm in winter but cool and fresh in summer. By using the latest material innovations, we’ve harnessed the natural advantages of nettle and other eco-friendly, sustainable plant-based fibres. Paired with our e-Fibre comfort layers, this mattress delivers exceptional breathability, advance moisture-wicking and natural freshness for a luxurious and ambient sleep experience throughout the night.

  • All Seasons, thermal responsive comfort. Temperature Regulation. Each material has been carefully chosen to respond to your body's changes in temperature, providing insulation to keep you warm in cooler temperatures, while wicking away moisture efficiently to reduce heat build-up during warmer temperatures, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment in all climates, all year-round.
  • Moisture wicking for all night freshness Nettle, combined with Better Cotton™ and other plant-based fibres provides excellent moisture wicking, Moisture is efficiently transferred away from the body where it can evaporate helping to keep you dry and fresh throughout the night.
  • Hybrid mattress with Deep e‑Pockets™ and Micro e‑Pockets™ The addition of Micro e-Pocket springs on top of the deep e-Pocket core allows this mattress to respond to even the gentlest of movements giving continuous huggable support and comfort throughout the night.
  • Enriched with natural fibre fillings. Nettle has a textured feel, much like cotton whilst still being soft and cosy. Some people find the more tactile feel of Nettle fibres more comforting and soothing than smoother alternatives such as silk or cashmere. The combination of materials creates a highly breathable mattress, enabling air to flow and circulate around your body throughout the night.
  • Super soft Advance e-Fibre™ and Rebound e-Fibre™ support layers This mattress is topped with anextra soft layer of Advance e-Fibre for supreme comfort and superior moisture wicking abilities, helping to keep your mattress dry and your temperature regulated while you sleep.
Over 100 million plastic bottles recycled
truecore guarantee


Prioritising your well-being and comfort.

At Jay-Be, we understand the importance of healthy sleep and the impact it has on your overall well-being. Therefore, we have taken additional measures to ensure that every material used in our mattresses promotes a comfortable and healthy sleep experience.

  • Naturally antibacterial The blend of nettle and other plant-based fibres offer natural anti-bacterial benefits, which help inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent unpleasant odours, for improved hygiene and freshness.
  • Skin-Friendly and comforting Nettle fabric is gentle to touch, making it a comfortable option for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions.
  • OEKO-TEX® 100 STANDARD certified The fabric on this Jay-Be mattress is OEKO-TEX certified so you can be sure it contains no chemicals harmful to human health.
  • Free from harmful chemical emissions Natural cooling benefits: Produced from the by-product of sugarcane production, the surface of Jay-Be Bio Cool fabric offers a naturally cooling sensation. With its high-density yarns which are tightly knitted together, the mattress efficiently conducts heat from the body, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • Breathable e-Fibre™ comfort layers The comfort layers in this mattress are constructed by bonding fibres, enabling efficient airflow to ensure long-lasting freshness
  • Natural salt-based FR protection: When additional FR protection is required, we have used a natural salt-based FR treatment which goes beyond simply conforming to the statutory REACH regulations
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Award-winning and industry leading sustainability

At Jay-Be, we are committed to promoting sustainability and incorporating eco-conscious practices in our production processes. To that end, every one of our mattresses is crafted with carefully selected, ethically sourced materials.

Furthermore, we have designed them to be 100% recyclable at the end of their life, allowing you to take an active role in protecting our planet and fighting against climate change.

Over 100 million plastic bottles recycled:
Over 100 million plastic bottles recycled:

Since replacing foam with e-Fibre comfort layers, Jay-Be has recycled and prevented more than 100 million plastic bottles from going into landfill or our oceans.

Reduced packed size by 70%:
Reduced packed size by 70%:

This mattress is vacuum packed and rolled at the point of manufacture to ensure it is protected, but it also significantly reduces its size for transportation. This not only helps minimise delivery emissions but also allows you to save money in the process

ISO Certification

Iso 14001 : 2015 Certified manufacturer

Proud to be recognised by the National Bed Federation as bed manufacturer of the year 2023-2024

Eco Award-Winning Advance e‑Fibre*

All Jay-Be® Enhanced mattresses feature Advance e-Fibre which is proven to offer significant environmental benefits including:

  • 99% Less water needed
  • 99% Reduced land space
  • 90% Reduced CO2 emissions

*Statistics are based on the life cycle analysis of Advance e-Fibre™ when compared to cotton. Results verified by an independent body.

What's inside a Nettle mattress

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  1. 1 Thermal-Responsive multi quilted Nettle & Better Cotton fabric
  2. 2 Eco award-winning advance e-Fibre™ for extra fine luxury comfort
  3. 3 Nettle enriched comfort layer for advanced moisture wicking
  4. 4 Breathable Rebound e-Fibre™ support comfort layer
  5. 5 Micro e-Pocket™ for continuous huggable support
  6. 6 High density e-Fibre™ support layer
  7. 7 Extra deep e-Pocket™ for responsive contour support
  8. 8 High density e-Fibre™ base layer
  9. 9 Open knit fabric border for enhanced breathability
  10. 10Cushioned border for increased durability
  11. 11Handles for ease of movement
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Dimensions & Specifications


  • Mattress Sizes
  • Single: W90 x L190 x H23cm
  • Small double: W120 x L190 x H23cm
  • Double: W135 x L190 x H23cm
  • Kingsize: W150 x L200 x H23cm
  • Mattress Packed Sizes
  • Single: L32 x W32 x H100cm
  • Small double: L32 x W32 x H129cm
  • Double: L32 x W32 x H144.2cm
  • Kingsize: W32 x L32 x H159.5cm
  • Mattress Packed Weights
  • Single: 19.7kg / 43.4lb
  • Small double: 26.3kg / 57.9lb
  • Double: 29.6kg / 65.2lb
  • Kingsize: 34.3kg / 75.6lb

Detailed Specifications

  • Certifications
  • BS EN 597-1 - FR requirement
  • BS EN 597-2 - FR requirement
  • BS 7177 Domestic - FR requirements
  • Tested & certified by UKAS accredited testing houses
  • Micro e-Pocket™

    The addition of Micro e-Pocket springs on top of the deep e-Pocket core allows this mattress to respond to even the gentlest of movements giving continuous huggable support and comfort throughout the night.

    Deep e-Pocket™

    The Deep e-Pocket springs respond independently, moulding to the contours of your body. Preventing any transfer of movement across the mattress for a perfectly undisturbed night’s sleep