Our Benchmarks.

  • Value


    To be completely transparent about the specifications of our mattresses so you can be confident that you are getting exceptional value for money.

  • Comfort


    To design and manufacture comfortable mattresses using sleep smart materials which offer proven benefits.

  • Sustainability


    To use eco-friendly sustainable materials and processes to lower the carbon footprint of each new mattress developed.

  • Innovation


    To exceed your needs by investing in the latest material and production technologies, to stay at the forefront of great value comfort and sustainability.


Comfort. Essential Support.

Featuring a deep e-Spring core topped with a supportive cushioning layer of Rebound e-Fibre and super soft Advance e-Fibre for improved moisture and temperature regulation for a comfortable night's sleep.

Discover the S1 Comfort


Memory. Responsive Support.

Combining the deep e-Spring core with supportive comfort layers, this mattress also features our revolutionary Memory e-Fibre which is a more environmentally friendly alternative to memory foam; offering pressure relieving support throughout the night.

Discover the S3 Memory


Hybrid. Addaptive Support.

For extra adaptable support throughout the night, the deep e-Spring core is topped with Micro e-Pocket springs. These super fine springs adapt to the body’s gentlest movement for a truly individual supported feel.

Discover the S5 Hybrid


Tri- brid. Ultimate Support.

For the ultimate night's sleep the deep e-Spring core is topped with Micro e-Pocket springs, revolutionary Memory e-Fibre and extra fine Advance e-Fibre. The combination of these premium comfort layers work together to deliver the ultimate in pressure relieving adaptive support.

Discover the S7 Tri-brid