Footstool Bed

Effortlessly transition from a chic footrest to a convenient bed whenever the need arises. With understated charm, the Jay-Be footstool bed seamlessly blends into any living space, discreetly providing the convenience of a hidden bed within. Choose from a diverse range of fabric options to personalise your Footstool and complement your individual interior design. Every material has been thoughtfully selected to guarantee durability and comfort and has been sourced ethically and sustainably. Premium fabrics and a fibre-wrapped cushion create a comfortable footstool, while the deep-quilted e-Fibre mattress ensures comfort when used as a bed.

Crafted with an FSC-certified wood frame and featuring materials from recycled sources, the Jay-Be Footstool Bed delivers high-quality functionality, ensuring eco-conscious design. Moreover, Jay-Be mattresses are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life, allowing you to take an active role in protecting our planet and combating climate change.

Dimensions & Specifications



  • Weight: 60kg
  • Type: Rebound e-Fibre
  • Size: H7 x W69 x L183cm
  • Product Code: 973102
  • Pack one dimensions: L91 x W74 x H48cm
  • Packed Weight: 65kg


Tested and accredited to British and European safety standards including:

Mattress Fillings
Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations.
Relating to the mattress
BS 7177 FR requirement
BS EN 597-1 FR requirement
BS EN 597-2 FR requirement Source t

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