Slim 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Exemplifying elegant design within a slender silhouette, the Jay-Be Slim distinguishes itself from conventional sofa beds. With an array of premium fabric choices, clean lines, and a compact profile, the Slim proves to be the ideal option for those seeking sophistication without sacrificing space. Concealed within its sleek frame lies a premium fold-out bed mechanism, complete with a deep e-Sprung mattress, offering an exceptionally comfortable bed suitable for daily use.

The Slim sofa bed not only exudes chic and stylish aesthetics but is also meticulously engineered using only high-quality materials to ensure long-term durability and supreme comfort. It functions as a high-end sofa during the day and transforms into a luxurious bed at night. The seat cushions are enveloped in sumptuous fibre to provide exceptional cosiness as a sofa, while the mattress boasts a deep e-Spring core and premium fillings, enhancing moisture-wicking and breathability. Lovingly hand made in the UK, every material has been meticulously chosen to help create a sustainable future and offer a health-conscious experience for the user.

Dimensions & Specifications



  • Seat depth: 58cm
  • Seat height: 48cm
  • Width between arms: 159cm
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Type: Deep Sprung Core
  • Size: H13 x W144 x L195cm
  • Product Code: 972501
  • Pack one dimensions: L102 x W190 x H62cm
  • Pack two dimensions: L157 x W77 x H49cm
  • Pack three dimensions: L170 x W91 x H55cm
  • Packed Weight: 137kg


Tested and accredited to British and European safety standards including:

Mattress Fillings
When in Luxe Velvet & Cosy Chenille (Domestic)
When in Brushed Twill (Contract - medium hazard)
Relating to the mattress
BS 7177 FR requirement
BS EN 597-1 FR requirement
BS EN 597-2 FR requirement Source 1
BS 6807 FR requirement Source 5

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