Jay-Be® Today

As one of the UK's most popular bed brands, we are proud to work closely with 100's of bed and mattress specialist stores, as well as many of the worlds most famous branded retailers. We enjoy being early adopters of, and embracing the latest sleep technologies, while continually designing new sleep products to set higher industry benchmarks of comfort and quality for excellent value.

We are best known for our folding beds, children's mattresses and sofa beds, and we are committed to always evolving our product ranges to satisfy more of our customers needs. Whether our customers choose our folding beds for their Grandchildren's sleepover, or to turn a camping holiday into a glamping holiday; or they choose our sofa beds for friends and family staying over, we are proud to be a helpful solution in so many people's versatile lives.

The Future

Jay-Be® will continue to evolve and challenge the norms of the bed, mattress and upholstery industry. We will continually look for new ways to improve, not only how we make and deliver our products, but how our whole company operates to be better for our customers, our employees and the environment.

We will proactively seek out new talent and invest in dedicated individuals. From innovative product designers to highly skilled upholsterers and diligent customer service personnel. We believe that by bringing together the best that experience has to offer with blue sky thinking, we will be able to continue to offer the highest levels of quality, service and value that the industry has to offer. And, even though we continue to experience significant growth, we will continue to embrace a family-like team spirit, never losing sight of our core values, that family-like team spirit, high quality, exceptional service and integrity, while aiming to satisfying people's ever more versatile sleep needs.

The highest of standards.
As standard.

As a multi-award-winning and industry accredited manufacturer, we are committed to delivering the best quality and service possible. All Jay-Be® products are independently tested by UKAS accredited research and testing laboratories to certify that they exceed globally recognised health and safety requirements and come with a FREE manufacturer guarantee for your complete quality assurance.

As active members of the National bed Federation (NBF) and other industry experts, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sleep innovation and the latest developments in technological, environmental and legislative developments.

Locally Produced

We are proud to design and make all Jay-Be® beds, mattresses and sofa beds in our UK factory, so you can be sure that every individual detail, from the powder coating of a metal frame to the stitching on a premium sofa bed is controlled every step of the way. All Jay-Be® products are manufactured to exceed British (BS), European (EN) and internationally recognised quality standards.

Multi-award Winning

Our fulfilment and pride comes from producing great products and hearing positive feedback from our satisfied customers every day. We don’t enter many awards but when we do and win, it's a wonderful feeling for the whole team. Here's some of our awards over the years:

  • London Stock Exchange Group 1000 Companies to Inspire

    London Stock Exchange Group, 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain recognition (2019)

  • Future Manufacturing Award

    Future Manufacturing Award (2016)

  • AIS Gold Standard Award

    AIS Gold Standard Award (2011)

  • British Furniture Manufacture Awards

    British Furniture Manufacture Awards, Best Bed Award (1994, 1999, 2002, 2008)

  • Your Home Magazine Best Furniture Award

    Your Home Magazine Best Furniture Award (2003)

  • British Furniture Manufacture Award

    British Furniture Manufacture Award, Marketing Award (1990)

Feel good, sleep well

Being at the forefront of sustainable innovative design and manufacturing, we at Jay-Be® are passionate about setting benchmarks that raise the industry standard. Offering exceptional comfort while helping to protect the future of our planet.

Our role is to design and make sleep smart, environmentally conscious products, which reduce and minimise our carbon footprint. We're also committed to educating the consumer, so they can make informed choices and better understand the part they play in moving towards a more sustainable future. Together and only together can we make a real difference.

As well as complying with all legal and regulatory standards, we seek to go beyond what is required. We continually take steps towards a more sustainable future by setting our own objectives and targets to reduce energy and water consumption, while minimising waste, all helping to preserve natural habitats and maintain biodiversity.

Sustainability.It's a biggy for us.

At Jay-Be® we take sustainability seriously. As part of our Feel Good, Sleep Well philosophy, we are proactively taking steps to contribute to a more sustainable future by continually striving to lower our carbon footprint and environmental impact. The wood used in all Jay-Be® headboards and upholstery is supplied from FSC traceable and sustainable sources. The comfort layers we use in our mattresses are recyclable and reusable, plus our intelligent and innovative use of recycled plastic materials has actively diverted the equivalent of more than 70 million bottles from going into landfill.

Our commitment through science and research.

Caring about sustainability is not new to us - we have been passionate about responsible manufacturing for many years. One of our proudest moments was back in 2008 when we won the British Furniture Manufacturer Best Bed award for the industry's first independently authenticated eco-mattress®. This inspiring product was the result of a complex and lengthy 4-year research project, working closely with specialist scientific partners and the UK Government, to understand the true eco-impact of the bed industry. The knowledge we gained by working with some of the worlds most respected scientific research institutions has proved invaluable and instrumental in helping to guide our bed and mattress development for a better future.

Proud to be FSC Accredited.

We were extremely proud to have been awarded official FSC® certification in November 2013. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to protecting and maintaining responsible management of the world’s forests. This in turn protects the wildlife and the people who call these forests their home. By adhering to the very strict rules required to maintain our FSC® certification, we ensure that all wood used in our products is harvested from 100% traceable and approved sustainable and ethical sources. We are committed to the future of our planet and we will keep taking steps to ensure we remain one of the industry's most responsible manufacturers.

Careful considerations.

We are passionate about the future of our planet and will continue to ensure we remain one of the industry’s most responsible manufacturers. We have taken significant steps towards being a zero to landfill manufacturer and currently we are working towards achieving independent certification. By reducing waste, land use, water use and CO2 emissions we can help to preserve natural habitats and maintain biodiversity.

Sharing our dreams on a global scale.

Our product range is continually growing and diversifying as we discover new technologies and identify consumer needs which we can satisfy. You can now find Jay-Be® bed solutions in countries all around the world and we are proud to work closely with highly-respected local stores, national and international retailers to satisfy thousands of happy customers every week.

Contract Ready Products

As well as making innovative products for use in the home; we also design and manufacture beds, mattresses and sofa beds for the contract and hospitality market. These products are designed and tested to pass strict contract quality and safety standards and are perfect for use in hotels, nursing homes and other demanding environments.

Discover Jay-Be® Contract
Contract Products

We're also proud to support many local communities and charities.

As a local company, we want to give back to our community. Kirkwood Hospice, The Salvation Army, Forget Me Not Children's Hospice and Rotary International are among some of the Charites doing brilliant work which we continually support and champion. If you'd like to learn more about these fantastic organisations, please click on their logos to visit their websites.

Kirkwood Hospice Forget Me Not Childrens Hospice Rotary Club