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Please read on for useful information to help you repair, care and recycle!


If you need replacement parts for any of your Jay-Be items please get in touch and we will do our best to help you keep your product going for years to come.


Make sure you follow our quick and easy steps to ensure that you are prolonging the life of your product.

  • Non Flip Mattress

    Non-flip mattress,
    rotate regularly

  • Non Flip Mattress

    Wipe clean with
    damp cloth

  • 5 Year Guarantee

    Five year guarantee
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The table below gives you more information about the materials your product is made from. Share this with your local recycling centre for further advice on the best way to recycle.

What's inside

Model Internal
comfort layers
Core Outer
890920 100% Polyester Steel Spring Unit Polyester &
895920 100% Polyester Steel Spring Unit Polyester &
894920 100% Polyester Steel Spring Unit Polyester &

Featuring Eco Award-Winning advance e-Fibre™

  • 99% Less Water Needed
  • 99% Reduced Land Space
  • 90% Reduced CO2 Emissions

*Statistics are based on the life cycle analysis of Advance e-Fibre when compared to cotton. Results verified by an independent body.

We give plastic bottles a second chance!

The e-Fibre comfort layers found in all of our mattresses features polyester created from 100% recyclable plastic bottles and since switching from foam to e-Fibre, we have actively prevented more than 90 million plastic bottles from going into landfill and our oceans.

*Weight of plastic described in equivalent number of average sized plastic drinking bottles.

We are passionate about setting benchmarks that raise the industry standard. Offering exceptional comfort while helping to protect the future of our planet.

Our role is to design and make sleep smart, environmentally conscious products, which reduce and minimise our carbon footprint. We're committed to sharing our knowledge to help you make informed choices and better understand the part you play in moving towards a more sustainable future.

Together and only together can we make a real difference. To ensure maximum sustainability we buy locally wherever possible, source ethically and endeavour to use sustainable materials that can be recycled at the end of their product life.

We consider the full life-cycle of our products at the forefront of every decision, from design to production planning, logistics and even supply chain management.

  • Proud of our
    ISO Certification.

    ISO 14001:2015 Registered

    ISO 14001:2015 certified manufacturer.

  • e-Fibre™
    comfort layers.

    90% Reduced CO2 Emissions

    The primary comfort layers in our mattresses are
    made from 100% foam free sustainable e-Fibre.

  • Zero
    to landfill.

    Zero to Landfill

    We are an accredited zero to landfill manufacturer which along with recycling as much as possible also ensures that any waste which cannot be recycled does not end up in landfill and is sent for waste to energy.

Why Recycle?

Well, it’s simple, if you choose not to, most of your unwanted household items will end up in landfill posing significant issues for our environment and increasing your carbon footprint. When you recycle, raw materials and natural resources aren’t wasted, energy is saved during the manufacturing process,there’s less waste going to landfill and entering our oceans and you help create jobs!

Where to Recycle?

Help us to ensure your Jay-Be product never goes to landfill - find your local recycling service. If they need to know more about the materials your product is made from share the ‘what’s inside’ contents table with them.

And watch out!

There are many ways to dispose of unwanted household items and sadly some of them are expensive, environmentally damaging, or even illegal. When it comes to a trip to your local tip you need to ensure you have a vehicle large enough to fit your items and they may still end up in landfill anyway. Having someone collect your unwanted items from your home can of course be far more convenient but make sure you carefully check the cost and where it will end up! Ensure you recycle responsibly whichever method you choose.