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Please read on for useful information to help you repair, care and recycle!

Care, Repair, Recycle

We want to help you feel just as good about the planet as you do about sleep. So when your Jay-Be product reaches the end of it's life, be confident that we want to work with you to ensure that it is repaired, reused, or recycled.


Make sure you follow our quick and easy steps to ensure that you are prolonging the life of your product.

  • Non Flip Mattress

    Non-flip mattress,
    rotate regularly.

  • Non Flip Mattress

    Wipe clean with
    a damp cloth.


If you need replacement parts for any of your Jay-Be items please get in touch and we will do our best to help you keep your product going for years to come.

  • 5 Year Guarantee

    Five year guarantee
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The table below gives you more information about the materials your product is made from. Share this with your local recycling centre for further advice on the best way to recycle.

What's inside

Product Code Model Internal
Comfort Layers
Core Outer
825900 / 825200
825400 / 825500
1000 e-Pocket™
Truecore mattress
100% polyester Steel Spring
Unit & Polyester
824900 / 824200
824400 / 824500
2000 e-Pocket™
Truecore mattress
100% polyester Steel Spring
Unit & Polyester
824900 / 824200
824400 / 824500
2000 Firm e-Pocket™
Truecore mattress
100% polyester Steel Spring
Unit & Polyester

What's Inside my Mattress

All of the components inside your mattress have been carefully chosen to be durable and comfortable while helping to simplify the end-of-life recycling process.

  • Extra Deep e-Pocket CoreA greener product using less material and requiring less energy to produce.
  • Micro e-Pocket™ SpringsSonic welded fabric pockets remove the need for glue, so they are easier to recycle at end of life.
  • e-Fibre™The e-Fibre™ used in Jay-Be mattresses features polyester created from a minimum of 65% recycled plastic bottles and is fully recyclable at end of life. The Weight of plastic is described in equivalent number of average sized plastic drinking bottles.
  • Featuring Award Winning Advance e-Fibre™This award-winning material is our most advanced e-Fibre, proven to offer significant environmental benefits including; 90% Less CO2 Emissions, 99% Less Water Used and 99% Reduced Land Space when compared to cotton. Statistics are based on the life cycle analysis of Advance e-Fibre when compared to cotton. Results verified by an independent body.
  • Vacuum Packed & RolledOur mattresses are vacuum packed, rolled, and sealed at the point of production to keep your mattress as fresh as the day it was made and to reduce packed size by 70%.
  • PackagingTo ensure your sofa bed reaches you in excellent condition we need to use packaging. All plastic used is made from 50% recycled materials and 100% recyclable. The cardboard box is 30% recycled content and the leaflets and information that came with your sofa bed are also printed on 100% recycled content paper.
  • Recycling/end of lifeWe are an accredited zero to landfill manufacturer which along with recycling as much as possible also ensures that any waste which cannot be recycled does not end up in landfill and is sent for waste to energy.

We are extremely proud to have received ISO 14001:2015 certification an international industry specific environmental standard which means that our Environmental Management Systems are legally compliant, and we have processes in place to maintain and continually improve on our environmental goals.

Our focus on our waste management systems, recycling wherever possible and sourcing outlets for waste raw materials has been recognised in 2021 With Valpak, Zero Waste to landfill certification.

We were extremely proud to have been awarded official FSC® certification in November 2013. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to protecting and maintaining responsible management of the world’s forests. This in turn protects the wildlife and the people who call these forests their home. By adhering to the very strict rules required to maintain our FSC® certification, we ensure that all wood used in our products is harvested from 100% traceable and approved sustainable and ethical sources. We are committed to the future of our planet and we will keep taking steps to ensure we remain one of the industry's most responsible manufacturers.

As part of our Valpak, Zero Waste to landfill certification we have opened our own recycling division within our factory and now ensure 100% of Jay-Be returned beds and mattresses are processed through 4 distinct Eco-Streams:

  1. 1. We reprocess all returned product which have been unopened and unused.
  2. 2. Where the product has been opened, but unused, this is either sold as a second-hand product or donated to charity.
  3. 3. Every used, damaged or broken product is deconstructed into is component parts and each part recycled.
  4. 4. Lastly, the remaining 1% of material which does not fit into any of the above streams is sent for waste-to-energy.

We’ve embraced the latest vacuum packing technology to offer even higher quality, more convenience and better value, whilst reducing our carbon footprint. A typical traditional mattress is simply put into a large bag at the factory after it is made. It’s then delivered to your home.

These large mattresses take up a lot of space on the delivery wagons, costing a huge amount to transport but also reducing efficiency. Because we vacuum pack and roll all our mattresses, we reduce the amount of space they require for delivery, which also helps to reduce carbon emissions by ensuring less lorries are needed on the roads to deliver our mattresses. A typical Jay-Be rolled mattress helps to cut down transport emissions by reducing the space required for delivery by more than 70% (comparing an unrolled 3ft mattress with a rolled 3ft mattress).

In order to ensure your mattress remains vacuum packed and rolled we have to use plastic in our packaging. Made from 50% recycled content, and fully recyclable, this plastic is LDPE which is classed as a rigid plastic and is a very useful material:

  1. 1. It’s both durable and flexible.
  2. 2. It does not release harmful chemicals.
  3. 3. LDPE has good transparency.
  4. 4. Doesn’t break easily.
  5. 5. And it resists acids, bases, and oils.

Ultimately, recycling LDPE keeps waste out of landfill and saves energy compared to producing items out of virgin materials. Please check at your local Authority and look for one of the following recycling options including Bread bags, Frozen food bags, Squeezable bottles. Find your local recycling service.

The cardboard box is 30% recycled content and our paper inserts contain a minimum of 10% recycled materials which we are always working to increase - both can absolutely be recycled through your usual household methods.

We have actively prevented more than 100 million plastic bottles from going into landfill and our oceans as the e-Fibre™ used in our mattresses features polyester created from a minimum of 65% recycled plastic bottles and is fully recyclable at end of life (The Weight of plastic is described in equivalent number of average sized plastic drinking bottles).

Our Dual Support Natural e-Pocket mattress contains a very small amount of cotton which we ensure is Better Cotton™. Better Cotton™ is the world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton, helping cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.

By sourcing our cotton only through reputable and certified Better Cotton farmers and suppliers we are supporting farming communities socially, environmentally, and economically. With better soil and water management, less use of pesticides and greater resilience to climate change come opportunities. For smallholders, it means an improved crop and access to market. For farm workers and farming communities, it means decent work, gender empowerment and less inequality. For farmers operating on an industrial scale, it means embracing new and more innovative practices, where sustainability translates into profitability.

We have purchased SmartestEnergy's Renewable Natural product, providing certified 100% renewable electricity from a blend of 100% sustainable sources, wind, solar and water. Certified by the Carbon Trust and conforming to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, this helps us to report zero carbon emissions for purchased electricity from SmartestEnergy when using the market-based reporting method.

The National Bed Federation (NBF) has launched an industry-wide ‘Pledge for Our Planet’, asking companies in the bed industry like ours to take steps in unison that will address global environmental damage. The Pledge signifies a collective effort to commit to a journey of continuous environmental improvement at both a company and product-level. It has also been designed to future-proof the industry for upcoming legislation and market changes.

We will:

  1. 1. Demonstrate our commitment to becoming a more sustainable business.
  2. 2. Reduce our global warming impact.
  3. 3. Reduce waste.
  4. 4. Reduce our products’ impact on the environment.
  5. 5. Take responsibility for our actions.

Working with the UK SME Climate Commitment towards Net Zero we’re doing our bit to cut carbon emissions and protect the planet, setting science-based targets to achieve our reductions. We are committed to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and to reach ‘net zero’ by 2050, meaning that we’ll be putting no more carbon into the atmosphere than what we are taking out of it.

We are one of the first Companies in Yorkshire to invest in a revolutionary new chemical free pest control system using Smart traps which have a wireless sensor to detect activity, removing the need for poison and ensuring it does not enter the food chain allowing pests to be dealt with as humanely as possible.

We’re tackling the issue of biodiversity at our new Head Office in Ravensthorpe, planting native trees, shrubs, and wildflower patches also establishing a mini wetland area. Bird boxes and bug houses are being installed with staff looking forward to reaping the benefits in Summer viewing and recording any new visitors to the site!

Why Recycle?

Well, it’s simple, if you choose not to, most of your unwanted household items will end up in landfill posing significant issues for our environment and increasing your carbon footprint. When you recycle, raw materials and natural resources aren’t wasted, energy is saved during the manufacturing process, there’s less waste going to landfill and entering our oceans and you help create jobs!

Where to Recycle?

Help us to ensure your Jay-Be product never goes to landfill - find your local recycling service. If they need to know more about the materials your product is made from share the ‘what’s inside’ contents table with them.

And watch out!

There are many ways to dispose of unwanted household items and sadly some of them are expensive, environmentally damaging, or even illegal. When it comes to a trip to your local tip you need to ensure you have a vehicle large enough to fit your items and they may still end up in landfill anyway. Having someone collect your unwanted items from your home can of course be far more convenient but make sure you carefully check the cost and where it will end up! Ensure you recycle responsibly whichever method you choose.